Sunday, 28 November 2010

Calum’s Voice Is Heard

The dulcet? tones of Calum penetrate the ether just for you.

Is this a treat for you?  I doubt it!

Have a listen and let me know what you think.



  1. Dear Calum - You have a great voice. I was a bit afraid that I might miss a few words because of a possible Scottish accent (and my French ears) but I understood everything very clearly. Now I know why you did well with poety reading. I like your message. Yes! it would be fun and interesting to hear you recite your poetry. I hope that you will continue to speak to us, in that manner, on your blog, and also offer some music everyday.

    Merci de tout coeur!

  2. Claude Thanks so much. I probably did speak a bit more slowly than normal: I haven't mastered the art of being absolutely myself when speaking into a contraption.

    Re understanding every word. Wait until I start throwing in some more Scots words - most of which I don't normally use. :)

    Once again - thanks.

  3. Interesting Claude would anticipate my essential thoughts. :)
    Thus, to add something completely different:
    How's it for you when listening for your recorded voice, for the first time?
    [I ask as I am curious whether your first reaction was similar to mine when for the first time hearing my taped voice.]

    Go on talking, Calum. This could easily become as an institution as 'Morning music' ...

  4. Classified as 'top secret, Mr. J. voiced under his breath:
    Calum Carr's articulates himself quite well ... considering he's a Scotsman.

  5. Sean Strangely I wasn't surprised or, even worse, shocked by my recorded voice. In the past I have been shocked to hear my voice recorded on a cheap cassette recorder. I'm not sure if that's because I am more used to hearing myself or because this recording is of a better quality.

    Thanks, Sean!

    An institution? There are many who would say that I should be in one!

  6. Omniumleaks or Sean as he really is.

    "Calum Carr's articulates himself quite well ... considering he's a Scotsman

    Did you think I was going to speak in a foreign language? Oh. I guess I am for you.

    If I get any more compliments like this ah'll cam ower yon watter and batter ye wi' a deed fush! :)

  7. Irresponsible! Omniumleaks endangers the genitive.

  8. Yes. I noticed but decided to let it pass as any good host should do with his own language.

  9. Haha, Calum!
    Seriously. If you decided to recite some of your Scottish poems, with me the same might happen as 25 years ago in Strata Florida Abbey:
    1. Me putting on a headset to listen to an introduction in English. - Nice.
    2. Me putting on a headset to listen to an introduction in Welsh ... and I remember myself slowly hunkering down, despite understanding not one single word being fascinated by the speaker's melodious voice.
    The peace of the night, poet.

  10. Sean Your last comment is so lovely that I can do no better than repeat Claude's words, "Merci de tout coeur!

  11. Now, I can't wait, Calum, to hear your Scots words, and also "Merci de tout coeur" in your lovely voice.

    Douce nuit to you and Sean. Interesting gentlemen, you both are.:)

  12. Claude And you SHALL hear more. Not today (Monday) but probably some time this week.

  13. good morning Calum

    poetry next?
    bit too obvious..

    much better to start and close your sunday morning coffee show with a cheery wee message
    that wid be braw

  14. JD Thanks for your thoughts. Interesting. You've given me food for thought.

  15. You have such a beautiful, soothing voice.

    I would love to hear you recite some poetry. Please post some soon.

    Thank You Claude for suggesting it in the first place.

    Which ever way you decide to talk, I look forward to hearing more :-)