Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Music in the Morning - Wednesday

Another great vocal performance  …..

Oh My Life                                                         Beth Rowley


  1. I don't know if it's just in Canada, but the BBC has blocked that song for copyright reason. It's OK. I went to your extra Sunday show. It was kind of extra-ordinary!

  2. I'll see what I can do.

    I hope you mean that the Extra show was extraordinarily good! :)

  3. Where do you find these, Calum [and don't say youtube :) ] ?

  4. Hi James,

    Where do I find these?

    This might seem simplistic but I find them only because I need to find them for the daily music. If I weren't doing the posts I wouldn't be serious enough about looking.

    I don't even have a fixed routine.

    Some I find through Spotify by looking at Artist A, checking for those which Spotify shows as being "Related Artists", listen briefly to their music on Spotify and thence to YouTube.

    This has given me quite a few newbies (to me).

    Others I find by checking YouTube's Recommended videos and also their Suggested videos sidebar.

    I don't do this rigorously and listen to all suggested artists but I pick a few and then wander about and I've always come up with some I love.

    For classical music there are a few uploaders whose taste in music is brilliant (i.e. matches mine to a fair degree) check their uploads or favourites and there are always a few I can use.

    There you are I've given you my secrets but I suppose it's the same sort of thing you do before you write your posts: you look, you read, you select and you compose.

    The bill is the post!

  5. I also can't get today's music to download due to bbc stips. BUT, I again listened to more of Mark O'Connor's stuff you gave us and it is just fantastic music.

    "Emily's reel" is phenomenal and "Sally Ann" fits right in with my recent heart flutter surgery correction in that my heart and the song both have a good lively beat going on.What a great combo I got going with that one.

  6. Anonymous or Suddenlink - I think you are now.

    I'm glad your own lively beat didn't stop when Sally Ann stopped. :)

  7. Claude and Suddenlink

    For the missing Beth Rowley BBC video try clicking here

    Let me know if this works.

  8. Claude and Suddenlink

    My link won't work - is time-limited - but if you visit and enter my blog address you should be taken to my blog but inside the proxy. From there you should be able to view the video.

  9. That way around worked for me, Calum.Excellent music (as usual) and I fell in love again looking at her sing. Nice sax music also.
    Anonymous Joe (Suddenlink)

  10. Calum - Thank you very much for your efforts. Actually, I went directly on YouTube. Truly enjoyed it.

  11. Suddenlink

    You are now christened Joe