Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow Fair

It’s not fair. 

It has been snowing lots.

All Edinburgh schools were closed today

All Edinburgh schools will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday)

It’s snowing again.

Edinburgh has had its heaviest falls since we moved here almost 20 years ago.  We have about 10 inches lying but others even higher have seen bigger falls..

A friend sent this pic.  Fourteen inches on the car!!




  1. That is a lot of snow!!!

    We had more than in recent years but nothing like that!

  2. there was a car covered in snow like that in front of me tonight. When it stopped at traffic lights all the snow shot forward and covered the windscreen.
    The woman had to get out and try to clear the windscreen and the bonnet and there was also a little pile of snow in front of her car
    ha ha ha
    I neede something to cheer me up

  3. Ha...didn't see your post til after I put mine up, but it looks like I nicked your title!
    We've got a similar amount to you.
    My wellies have had more use in the last couple of days than in the previous 2 years!

  4. Blimey! I'd not be surprised would we have such 'white brightness' on Thursday.

    JD: Don't you have to clear your car from snow before starting the motor?