Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee: Music Playlists

YouTube playlists are now available for most – not all – of my Sunday Morning Coffee shows – click HERE.

YouTube Channel

More playlists than are available in this screenshot are available -

These are ideal if you want to play the music continuously or listen without the interruption of my ramblings.


  1. Well, that makes it a lot easier to access. Well done.

  2. Thanks, James.
    There is a downside which is that visitors may go to the playlist and not visit the blog. I couldn't have that could I?

    I build private playlists when I am gathering videos for possible use on a Sunday and normally I compile the final program as a playlist before I post. All I had to do today was to turn them from private to public.

    Now I can watch the stats for my channel too!!!

    Oh no!!!!

  3. I seem to miss your post on The McGarrigles. I'm not too good at clicking properly on YouTube. Is there something I should do?

  4. BTW I am "curieuseauCanada" on YouTube.

  5. Claude

    I'm not sure what you mean about missing my post on McGarrigles. Can you explain again?

  6. Claude

    I think I know what you mean now. I think you wanted to click on the address that is given for the McGarrigles' post. You clicked and nothing happened?

    the address is NOT a link. I tried to make it a link and failed. You will need to copy the address and paste into your browser.

    Is that what you tried to do?

  7. I was trying to find the McGarrigle Sisters' Sunday Morning Coffee, and I couldn't see it in your Playlists. I corrected this by going to February 7-2010 post and putting it in my Favorites. This will guarantee me access whenever I wish it. Thanks for your help.