Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee with Bob Marley

Welcome again but, firstly, I must apologise because today’s show is incomplete.  The music is here but not the comment or the biographical details.  I’m not sure what happened: the music was organised about a week ago but, somehow, the words never reached my fingertips and, so, we have music only.  perhaps it has been mild illness in the family, my being choked with the cold and also rehearsing my poetry-reading.  Such excuses will not be accepted again.

Remember the sequence: coffee, comfy seat, sit, relax and listen to the wondrous music of the late Bob Marley.


Three Little Birds


Redemption Song


Is This Love


Buffalo Soldier


No Woman No Cry


One Love


I Shot the Sheriff


Could You be Loved




Stir It Up


Hopefully all will be back to normal next week and I look forward to your visit then.


  1. nagnificent show...
    and that's even before I start to listen to it

    Marley plus Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh were a helluva combination


  2. His rhythm was second to none, Calum. Nice choice. My cappuccino is at the ready.

  3. Got a late start today on the Sunday morning coffee time as a result of a 17 hour power outage. Nature stirred it up with some serious snow jamming but when the power came back on, it was a redemption song produced by the electricity of a Bob Marley session intermingling with some fresh but belated coffee brew.

    All things work together for good.

  4. Thanks to the PR-experts of UMD I was 'allowed' to watch but three out of eight, but hte were a pleasure for my ears.
    Thanks, Calum.

  5. Sean

    For those videos which don't play, click on "Play on YouTube"; copy the address which comes up and paste that into the address box at daveproxy

    Let me know if this works or not.