Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Trafigura: Bribery Allegations Video

During May this year allegations were made by the Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, and by Greenpeace that Trafigura/Macfarlanes had paid Ivorian waste truck drivers to say none suffered ill-effects as a result of transporting and dumping the Probo Koala’s waste.  Clearly this is a very serious allegation.

Trafigura and Macfarlanes refuted the allegations in very, very strong terms.  Their rebuttal is here.

These two posts of mine (1 and 2 and the links within) give you the background to the case.

Now a good quality video of the work carried out by Greenpeace is available on Vimeo.  YouTube has carried copies for months but the quality was so poor that the subtitles were not legible.

Below you can now view the video which is worth watching as part of the Trafigura story.  If you’d prefer the video is online here.

I myself make no allegations.  I do not know where the truth lies.

Many thanks are due to those who have made this video available.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I will look at these allegations again with interest

  2. I had expected the video to have been taken down but, by now, many will have downloaded the video. The time has passed where the video could be blocked.

  3. The same chap who is saying he was lying in his testimony had already published an article in an Ivoirian newspaper, well before meeting anyone from Trafigura, that he and the other drivers were unaffected by their contact with the liquids they were transporting. In which of his lies and retractions are we to find truth? Perhaps his motives are not to tell the truth but to live as a parasite on the misguided NGOs who seek an anchor for their flights of fancy.Perjury compounded by further perjury does not make truth.

  4. Gary / Ocnus

    I know of the interview to which you refer: in May this year Macfarlane's gave me a translation which I put online here.

    Who knows if they told the truth in the interview and lie now or if they lied in the interview and tell the truth now?

    I certainly don't know where the truth lies and nor can you unless you were much closer to Trafigura than you have let on.

    Still I keep an open mind on the subject.

    Is your mind still open?