Thursday, 23 December 2010

Early, But Unwanted, Christmas Present

Early this afternoon I got my feet wet – in the kitchen!

Huge flood of water!


Just about leaving to take YC to hospital appointment.

This was bad but …… might have been much worse.

I traced the flood to the drainpipe from the kitchen sink to the main drain.  This drainpipe was blocked – frozen; the water backed up into the kitchen and leaked from the joint where the plastic internal pipe met the cast iron external.

Within 10 mins I had rodding covers off the external pipe and all the water which was backed up poured out – outside.

But I have about 15 ft of iced up drainpipe which I need to tackle tomorrow – hopefully - before we’re back to normal.


Abnormal is my normal but that is an old story.

A present?  Yes

Unwanted?  Yes

Is there a lesson?  Yes but I’m not interested in learning it now.

I will comfort myself with the thought that this might have been much much worse.  I might have gone out and left the washing machine on.  Doesn’t bear thinking about.

Also this problem is solvable with a bit of effort but many are those whose problems cannot be solved or cured.  My thoughts go to them.

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