Friday, 17 December 2010


Posting is very difficult at the moment and is likely to remain so for quite a few days for the reasons I describe below.

I am frozen.

My brain is frozen.

My keyboard is frozen.

I’m only managing to type this because I poured boiling water on the keyboard to melt the ice.  Worked a treat.  Hope it continues to do so.

Should I pour boiling water onto my brain?


  1. I tried it but the water just froze on me noggin!

  2. My brain is a bit frozen at the moment too.

  3. What's wrong with a frozen brain now and again? It happened to me a number of times. You certainly don't have frozen ears for the music, Calum.

  4. or, to put it another way-

    awa an bile yer heid

    that'll warm things up a bit

  5. Jams,

    At least your noggin works under normal conditions. :)

    CherryPie Warm water only needed for your brain. :)

  6. JD

    Thank you, JD. Just tried that but I almost drowned.

    Cat tried to bite my head. Can't afford to sleep in case ......