Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hammer and Chisel …. and Fool

The last thing I thought I’d be using during this freeze was a hammer and chisel – years will go by without use – but today out they came.

My rones – metal ones and not the plastic ones which simply clip into a plastic bracket – were close to coming down, the curved metal brackets bent towards straight.  They were full of ice but, more than that, two or three times that volume was hanging on their outside – including three foot long icicles. 

I’d been out for milk, came back and started immediately to clear the ice: no gloves, no waterproofs.  Old fool!  After a couple of minutes of removing snow from the roof I was soaked but two and a half hours later I finished clearing ice from the most damaged rones.  Knackered, cold, wet but pleased that I had prevented more damage. 

A few minutes after finishing I heard a whoosh and a dull thud.  An avalanche had cleared almost all of that roof.

Oh, by the way, I fell off my steps: they toppled to my left, I to my right.

Old fool!


  1. ... and no photo of that gigantic icycle, Calum?
    Hope you haven't been caught by a cold. Guid nicht. :)

  2. I do hope there is no permanent damage - to either the roans (rones?) or you.