Thursday, 16 December 2010

Music in the Morning - Thursday

Nine minutes of lovely music!

Valentini: Concerto Grosso A minor Op. 7 No. 11
Mov 1 & 2 of 7                       I -  Largo;   II -  Fuga: Allegro

Performed by Musica Antiqua Koln, Directed by Reinhard Goebel


  1. Blimey!!
    Again and again I'd take my intention for my deed.
    What a lousy commenter! [That's for me]
    What a pleasure for my ears! [That's for you, Calum.]

  2. I thank you, Calum.

    And before I forget about it:) Wishing you and yours (not only) for this year's last fortnight many serene hours. My good thoughts are with you, anyway.