Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snowmobile ?




  1. I don't drive, Calum. But I used a snowmobile when I lived on Baffin Island. It's a lot of fun and it's very safe. Even our Canadian Inuits have given up training huskies and have adopted snowmobiles for long travels. They have natural technical abilities. They can take a snowmobile apart and rebuild it in one hour. And the komatiks (sleds) are solidly attached to carry supplies and children. Of course they always travel in groups. Nobody is ever left behind even if one of the snowmobiles brake down completely.

    When I see drivers, in our cities, struggling in snowstorms and icy roads, I always wonder why there are no lanes for snowmobilers on our streets.

    Hope the snow is melting in your area.

  2. is that you in there, Calum?

  3. No sign of a thaw yet, Claude. The temperature tonight is going down to -11.

    Mostfolk now are fed up. A few days is OK but then it starts to interfere with the lives we like to have.

  4. That's class. Takes me back to Russia.

  5. James, I have not seen, nor heard of, snow like this in Edinburgh.

    I'm sure we've had 2ft in the last week or so. Even the snow which fell between 07.30 and 13.30 yesterday - 5 or 6 inches - would have been considered very heavy snow in previous winters.

    But we will survive!

  6. Gah it puts the snow falls w got down here into perspective!

  7. The car has eyes, I see a plot forming!

  8. We have similar snow in Perth. Very cold night last night. My boys couldn't get to school today because the bus was off - frozen diesel!!!! Never heard of that here before, thought it only happened in Siberia (and Canada ;-)