Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tesco: Deal of the Century?

I ventured to my local Tesco this morning for bits and bobs but I ended up, after a cup of coffee with elder child, looking at earphones.

Lo!  What an offer I found:  probably unmatched anywhere!

A yellow ticket shouting “£9.96  PRICE CUT”.

Price reduced!  Must be a good deal!  I’ll buy!

STOP!!!  All is not as it seems. 

Look at the picture below: top left-hand corner.  Can you see the price which is scored  out?


In case you can’t, I’ll tell you.


Tesco has reduced the price by 1p

1 whole penny from £9.97 to £9.96

Let’s be fair to Tesco.  This IS a price cut and so legally, at least, they are justified in labelling this as a price–cut but who is going to buy this product simply because the price has been reduced by 1p (0.1%).  I can’t imagine that such a reduction will drive sales of the earphones.

Why then label it so?

Could it be to catch unaware some buyers who see “PRICE CUT” and don’t check the original price?

Some might say so.  I couldn’t possibly comment.

Could it be that this is an error which, unsurprisingly given the number of items stocked, has slipped through their systems?

Some might say so but in the same area there was one other offer, at least, where the price was reduced by 1p and the label shouted “PRICE CUT”.  I couldn’t possibly comment.

I’ll let you decide for yourselves how Tesco has come to advertise this tiny, tiny price reduction with PRICE CUT.

My thoughts I will keep to myself.

Excuse me.  Must dash. The toilet beckons and I must remember the air freshener.


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