Thursday, 2 December 2010

Trafigura: Invoices – No Reply

Re yesterday’s post.

I emailed Trafigura yesterday asking for a comment on the release of two invoices allegedly produced by Compagnie Tommy.  I have had no reply.  This is unsurprising: they rarely reply to me and they did not reply to the Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant.

For completeness I append yesterday’s post but today I include copies of the two invoices.

“I have often said that I don’t know where the truth lies in the Probo Koala affair but, in my opinion, Trafigura’s case is damaged if two invoices, released today, are genuine (i.e. not prepared fraudulently to incriminate Trafigura).

De Volkskrant and Greenpeace have made public two invoices.  The allegations of the two invoices has been around for some time but this is the first time that copies have been made public.

A handwritten invoice apparently showing that Trafigura paid $1000/ton to dispose of 58 tonne of chemical slops and $35/tonne for the disposal of 470 tonne of Marpol waste ==> a total of $86, 200”

Trafigura Handwritten Invoice

“Interestingly this invoice has written on it below the total “if contacted”.  The implication is that this is a false invoice which purports to show Trafigura paying a reasonable sum for the disposal of the most toxic of the waste.  Does this invoice bear scrutiny?  I do not know.

A typed invoice which shows that the entire waste – 528 tonne was disposed of at a rate of $35/tonne.

Trafigura Typed Invoice

“Is this invoice genuine? I don’t know.

I believe the invoices have been submitted to the Dutch prosecutor in the hope that Trafigura will be prosecuted for their alleged actions in Abidjan.

Apparently Trafigura has made no response but I have emailed them but I expect to get no reply.

I make no claim or allegation about Trafigura’s actions.  I merely report as neutrally as I can the information which becomes available.” [emphasis added today]

Should Trafigura reply I shall publish same.

Truth where lie you?

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