Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Falls

An old fool and a photo make up our falls for today.

Firstly, an old fool – Calum’s Alter Ego (AG) for it could not be I – crashed to the ground this afternoon as ageing legs failed to keep the top-heavy body upright.  There were excuses: icy road and slope but we shouldn’t let AG away without ridicule. 

The crash registered at the British Geological Survey headquarters on the south side of Edinburgh – as it happens close to the building where AG did his degree and PhD.  His PhD registered –146.3 on the academic Richter scale but that’s another story.   Irrelevant but this all adds, I hope, to the reader’s (singular) experience. 

I believe 4.2 on the Richter scale was recorded at about 14.40 this afternoon.  The effects were massive: snow avalanched from roofs, trees shed their heavy white overcoats and the already pale sky blackened as bird life escaped from their perches and feeding to safety and freedom above.

AG did not escape unharmed.  A mildly sore wrist has developed into a very sore hand – wimp!  He’ll be at the hospital next!  Be a man and put up with pain!

Unfortunately no-one but I witnessed the fall but I didn’t have a great view as I too hit the ground uninjured, of course, because I have no body of my own.  I wish AG would look after it a lot better because it’s like living in an untidy and dirty home.


The second fall?  Well this is it.


Falling water captured as it falls to ground.

This water is much more stable than AG …. but then most of life is.


  1. I hope AG is doing okay.

    Beautiful icicles! It doesn't hurt when they fall...unless you're under some of them. Tell AG to be careful where he stands.

  2. AG is fine today. Bigger and better icicles none of which has come near my head ... yet.