Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Aaaaah ………………

Schools back today, house to myself, time to put the house into intensive care.

Aaaaah ….. coffee in hand …. and peace in mind in a (slowly reducing) mess.

What more could a poor man want?


  1. It is a special gift to be able to enjoy and cherish simple, everyday things ...

  2. to be able to cherish..."simple everyday things".

    Some might say you have described Calum perfectly there Francis. Of course I wouldn't dare.

    Enjoy your "back to school" day Calum.

  3. Francis

    If only you saw the critical state the house was in you'd wonder how any but a simpleton could find peace there!

    My peace is relative to what went before.

  4. HI

    You were away from here for so long but already you take the piss out of me!

    Pity you don't realise when that is being done to you. :)

    Nice to have you back. You'll notice my blogging has picked up since you came back over.

    Poor me!

  5. Peace, quiet, calm and coffee sound wonderful :-)