Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Aren’t You Lucky?

…. if you live in Wales and England!

The Telegraph states,

Any licensed venue can stay open late on both Friday April 29 – the day Prince William and Kate Middleton marry – and the Saturday after, without having to apply to extend their license conditions.

It has already been designated a Bank Holiday weekend and ministers hope the blanket relaxation of the regime will encourage more venues to stage parties and celebration to mark the event.

James Brokenshire, the Home Office minister, plans to implement a rarely-used power in the Licensing Act that allows a temporary relaxation to mark an occasion of "exceptional international, national or local significance".

You don’t, of course, have to celebrate the Royal wedding: you might drink to the coming of the republic.


  1. Ahrgh... Your blog is driving me mad(der than I was before) Calum! It keeps crashing and/or freezing my computer. It's all the crap it insists on loading automatically, "" for example even if I don't want to view a video, then various other little apps it churns through, then, the biggest menace of all, your statcounter stuff. During several aborted attempts this afternoon, fixed only by restarting my computer, my browser displayed a meassage saying (honestly) "This process is not working. Do you want to wait or to kill these pages?" I killed them. Sorry, but I think just on my computer. But if you are at home griefstricken surrounded by dead pages, I am sorry, but there was no alternative. They were driving me mad. It's because I use Linux, I suspect. So no, I'm not lucky. Not with your blog anyway.

  2. Sorry you've had so many problems as you did last year.

    I have changed one setting.

    I sued to have 50 posts appearing on the main page. I have now reduced that to 10.

    L:et me know if this helps in any way.

  3. Does that mean not in Scotland?

    Encouraging drunkenness is the recognised way to celebrate a wedding.

  4. I think in Scotland we can already drink 24hours a day if we want to Liz, weddings or no weddings. We prefer funerals though.

    Calum - it lets me in fine if I click on the link for an individual post, eg within an email or on someone else's blog, but if I try to go to the main page it throws up its hands in horror and repels me at all costs. Wise blog.

  5. ...especially Royal funerals... those tends to be major celebrations...

  6. tend, not tends, sorry (I'm pissed already in anticipation of the next one).

  7. HI

    But when you click on a link to a post all the peripherals - statcounter etc load. The only difference is the number of posts.

    Sometime when we've coordinated our actions I'll change the post setting to 1.

  8. Liz

    In addition to HI's comments I add only that Scotland decides its own licensing hours and so this ToLi government has nowt to do with it.

  9. Interesting Calum. All these things don't visibly seem to load when I click on a posting link, as I've just done. None of the "crap loading" messages appear bottom left of my screen, but then if I jump from the single posting to the main page by clicking the link at the top all the crap starts to load and the computer goes into melt down again.

  10. Ah.. the change from 50 to 10 does seem to have fixed it, at least in the two trials I have just done. I'll let you know if the problem returns.

  11. Good. There was no need to have so many posts loading.

  12. Well whoopee do! I think I will dig a pit in the garden and hide there on the day of the wedding!

  13. Alas, I am not one of the lucky ones. And I suppose the wedding will be at 6 am Canadian time. Perhaps I can dose my morning tea with Scotch!

  14. Knatolee

    THIS is your first comment. Is this you delurking today?

    Thanks again and welcome.