Thursday, 27 January 2011

Black Line Language ?

Yesterday I was led, by septicisle – great blogger by the way – to the published record of Sir Richard Dearlove’s evidence to the Chilcott Enquiry (here for the full 93 pages).

Most of his evidence was given in a language I can’t read – Black Line.  Look at four successive pages below (pp70 – 73 of 93).

You will notice a couple of lines in English about having a short break – for tea, no doubt – and if you look carefully you’ll see that Black Line has no equivalent for names, uses question marks but no other punctuation. 





Clearly the participants can speak and read Black Line fluently but I am clueless.

Can you translate this for me? 

I put it into Google Translate but it was helpless: never recognised Black Line as a language.

Someone must be able to help!


  1. Can't help you with black line. If it were bollocks I am fluent..

  2. Well that's just totally useless, isn't it!?

  3. This is our freedom!

    The freedom NOT to know what the state doesn't want us to know.

    We need a Wikileaks leak of this.

  4. Oh I can read that. It says, in a rather long-winded way, "Piss off plebs this is not for the likes of you, but thanks for paying our wages though."

  5. My god, you're right! Bastards!

    The sooner the plebs are revolting the better.

  6. You obviously have to be a 'Sir' to understand.

  7. So much for openness and transparency.

    Loosely translated, this means 'TPTB were pissing on you plebs and your delusions of democracy; send us yet more of your young people so that we can throw them a bit of inferior soldier kit and pack 'em off to do our psychopathic murdering for us.'