Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Carter-Ruck’s Pigs and the Soil Association

The title is slightly misleading because it associates pigs with Carter-Ruck when, in reality, the pigs belong to Midlands Pig Producers (MPP) who are clients of Carter-Ruck.

I hope that is clear: there are no pigs at Carter-Ruck!

Anyway the story.

This morning I posted as follows:

“The Soil Association has been threatened with libel if it doesn’t withdraw its objection to a 25,000 pig factory on the basis that points within their objection are both irrelevant to the plans and are defamatory to MPP.

Carter-Ruck and MPP deny they are trying to silence opposition.”

Also posted was a link to an article in today’s Guardian.

The Soil Association has on its website as article entitled,

“Soil Association response to allegations in Carter Ruck letter of 16 September 2010 re Foston Pig Farm  January 2011”

It’s worth a read to see what are some of Carter-Ruck’s objections. Just click on the title above.

I have asked the Soil Association for permission to but the article online … just in case.


  1. Thanks for posting this link Calum. Interesting reading indeed