Friday, 28 January 2011

Deceit of the Eyes: Revealed

The top picture was posted with the title “Sailors’ Retreat”.  Then I posted on Tuesday suggesting that the readers’ eyes had been deceived.

Today I reveal all!

Sailors’ Retreat (immediately below) and below that the original photo.


Sailors' Retreat2

Sailors' Retreat Original


For all the world we see lights in homes but we have only white rocks very close to the water line.  Darkening leaves visible only the brightest parts of the rocks which then appear as specks of light. The title, “Sailors’ Retreat” may have reinforced the view that we saw lights from homes.

The lights set the scale.  We appear distant from the shore because we have decided the specks show houses but  actually we are very close to the uninhabited shore.

I didn’t think that this manipulation was working until I saw the lights and then ….

Thus is a picture transformed and our eyes deceived.


  1. That's the fun of manipulation - creating artifacts out of what already exists,

  2. Can't believe anything these days.

  3. I thought the photo was taken from the deck of a boat...

  4. But was I close with Loch Scridain?

  5. I thought it was a string of UFOs bowling across the side of a mountain...

    is this why all those YouTube vids are only of lights at night? Hmm.