Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dorries: Misrepresentation on Abortion AGAIN!

Dorries has once again misrepresented the risk of mental health problems to women having abortions.

Yesterday on her blog, Dorries linked to an interview she gave to the Catholic Herald.

In this article Dorries is quoted as saying,

“Women don’t know that they have a 30 per cent chance of experiencing mental health problems after having an abortion”.


There is a massive difference between:

30% of women having had an abortion have mental health problems [Dorries’ claim]


the risk of their suffering mental health problems is increased by 30% [research finding – see background information]


When will Dorries start to tell the truth on this matter?


Background Information

During November last year I posted twice (here and here)about Nadine Dorries misrepresenting data about the likelihood of mental health problems in women who had had abortions.

Although at one point in a speech to parliament she described the research accurately at another point she greatly exaggerated the risk.

I wrote, initially quoting Dorries,

“A major longitudinal 30-year survey published in The British Journal of Psychiatry in 2008 showed clearly-after adjustment for confounding variables-that women who had had abortions had rates of mental disorder 30% higher than women who had not.”

to which I said,

‘This accurately reflects the position of the authors.  Woman who had had abortions were 30% more likely to suffer from a mental disorder than women who had not had an abortion.’

However in the same speech she said,

“Given the disregard that we have for women seeking this procedure, I am surprised that that figure stands at only 30%. We push vulnerable women through a clinical procedure at great speed to end a life-or, as I said, a potential life-that is growing within them, and we wonder why only 30% have problems in later life [my underlining].”

to which I wrote,

“You have claimed incorrectly that 30% of women having had an abortion have mental health problems rather than the risk of their suffering mental health problems is increased by 30%.  Your error suggests that the likelihood of suffering mental health issues as a result of an abortion is much greater than it actually is.”

I wrote pointing out this error to Dorries but I received no reply.



  1. There is oh, maybe a 0.1% chance of her realising and admitting and correcting her error though. She's just statistically illiterate, I expect. There is a lot of it about and the sufferers of that affliction are so illiterate that even when you explain an error to them they give up trying to follow you half way though, at best, and decide that since they don't understand you then you must be wrong (and I'm 110% sure of that, by the way :-) Still, keep correcting her with emails and there is a small chance... cling on to the 0.1% hope.

  2. I wouldn't hazard a guess (or a probability) as to the reasons for her continued error or misrepresentation.

    If I email her again she'll probably accuse me of harassment.

  3. It is an important issue though, and if you feel like taking your terrier-like grip on its ankles (a la Trafigura) how about emailing the authors of the reserach that is being misrepresented? It'll get their backs up (against her) and she may just listen to complaints from them. Go fetch boy!

  4. "reserach" is what I often call "research" - it's my most common keyboard twitch. It's Gaelic for research, isn't it?

  5. If your errors are Gaelic then in what language do Jams' typos lie?

    I don't think I'll do your bidding. I feel sorry for Dorries: she's had to bear so much ... which she has brought upon herself!

  6. Jams' typos are all Greek to me

  7. I agree with H. This appears to be an indication that the woman is just thick rather than a deliberate misrepresentation of the research.

  8. Ruth You may well be right but it suits her agenda to misrepresent whether it be unintentional or not.

    I have no problem with her agenda although it's not mine.

  9. Recent research has confirmed that Twatii Dorriesensis is an aggressively self-promoting sub-prion-type parasitical lifeform which uses its excretory orifice to communicate its self-importance.

  10. Anon

    Your description

    "aggressively self-promoting sub-prion-type parasitical lifeform which uses its excretory orifice to communicate its self-importance"

    applies to many species.

    There must be a link ... if only I could find it.

  11. As far as I'm aware the only "sub-prion-like" life form is a viroid, all of which are pathogenic/parasitic, and most of which cause diseases of plants except for the one that causes Hepatitis D.............OK, maybe the research is valid!

  12. Careful now Anonymiss, with all that knowledgeable talk of viroids people might start to wonder if you have studied microbiology, eh? Wouldn't want to compromise you Anonymissimity would you.