Monday, 10 January 2011

Dull, Dingy and Dreich Day

I was going to keep the alliteration going by saying ‘in Dunkeld’ but that would be unfair because the description fits everywhere I was today.

There are no photos to confirm my description: you’ll just have to take my word for that.


Do you think the description of the day can be applied to me?

A better alliteration might be ‘still (as in doesn’t move), stingy and stroppy.


You can only comment if you leave a three word alliterative description of yourself.

Any comments without that description will be deleted.


  1. Tired, troubled and tetchy!

  2. Moody, Muddled, Mystified

  3. By the way, Ruth can't count.

  4. And if you delete my last comment you better delete Ruth's first one, cos it's got four words. I await your even-handed justice, Lord Calum. "A three word alliterative description", M'Lud, must contain only three words

  5. Metagrobolized, disambiguated, discombobulated.

    See you next week!

  6. Ruth is following my example of three alliterative adjectives plus "and". She may not be able to count but that is a separate issue.

    You, however, are behaving like my children: trying to get another into trouble!

    I continue to behave in my normal inconsistent parental mode. Having told you what will happen if you transgress I give you a final final warning.

  7. Claude

    Eh!!! ??? !!!!

    I think you need a break. :)

    Enjoy yourself and we'll see you next week on your return.

  8. Precise, Pedantic, Pompous?

  9. It was moi, since your instruction was "You can only comment if you leave a three word alliterative description of yourself". You forgot the rules (again) already Ref?

  10. Tiresome, tedious, troubled?

  11. Again is that you or me or both?

    You really are quite good at describing me.

    Rather worrying!

  12. Slim, sultry, sexy.

    I wish ...

  13. Liz

    You are whatever you think you are.