Thursday, 6 January 2011

If Only ….




…. the rocks could tell of all they have seen!


  1. It would be so interesting to hear what they had seen.

  2. But, CP, would you want other rocks to tell your secrets?

  3. "Mornin' Big Rocky."

    "Mornin' Wee Rocky."

    "See we've got an eejit wi' a camera again the day, eh?"


    "Smile then."

    "Ah ahm smilin'."

    "Oh yeah. It's hard tae tell wi you. Gonnae maybe turn roond eh, ah'm sair fed up wi' looking at yer soor face."

    "Gie it another few million years Rocky, an ye'll maybe see anither side o' me."

    "Man that eejit's takin his time tho eh?"

    "Slow on the uptake probably Rocky. Probably disnae even ken how tae work it either. Oh look naw, he's managed tae press the button noo."

    "Good, fur him. Maybe he's no as daft as he looks."

    "Braw view eh?"


  4. H. insciens

    Methinks you imbue the rocks with some of your character traits but they are far more likely to be like CP and get on famously.

    Despite that much of what you wrote about the fool with the camera is true!

  5. "much of what you wrote about the fool with the camera is true"

    The "slow on the uptake eejit" bit, or the "no as daft as he looks" bit?

    Take your time to ponder, if required :)

  6. Whichever!


    Makes no difference to me. I know how poor I am.

  7. Indecisive too, it seems :)

    As for me, I am very decisive - I keep making wrong decisions.

  8. Me indecisive? No. Just making you work a bit harder.

    But I think you are indecisive too cos you keep changing your name. :)

  9. Eh? Oh... I think you may be confusing me with one or more of the idiots who keep commenting over at Ruth's place. What a bunch of loonys they are eh? Never mind. It's easy to get confused. The important thing Calum is that we know who we are, if you see what I mean.

  10. Hmmm! now you put it like that I think the rocks can keep everyones secrets ;-)

  11. CP So yo have secrets. You must release them.

    I'm all ears ..... which is why I am reluctant to post a proper photograph.

  12. HI I'm not confused but possibly you are. As you said, however, "we know who we are"

  13. Everyone has secrets ;-) You could ask the rocks to share mine :-)

  14. See yon CherryPie lass eh? Secrets eh? Jeezo ma lad how lang have ye goat? Come to think o' it ye're still ower young. Ah'll tell ye that story in a puckle thousand years... It's ane tae look forward tae tho, jings, crivens an help ma Boab!

  15. CP I asked and they blushed! What do they know?

  16. Big Rocky

    You blushed when I asked you! I know there are mega-stories. Next time I'm around I'll spend an afternoon with you and you can tell me all!

    Perhaps CP will tell us before then.