Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Oldham “Really Close” Says Clegg

So says the headline in Google News.

Oldham Clegg

What can Clegg be referring to? 

Certainly not Thursday’s by-election where the LibDems are going to get their arses tanned.

Perhaps he’s telling another of his lies!

Perhaps a journalist asked Clegg,

“How far away is Oldham?”

when he was in Middleton.

Oldham Clegg 2

How can Oldham be close?


  1. Because people are stupid, calum.

  2. Hopefully he will find himself in Far(e)ham...

  3. Ha, ha, Jams. Not far enough.

    We are, Liz, we are!

  4. Clegg in Middleton....?!.... Oh OK, I see. I thought I'd tumbled on a sex scandal that would shake the twin pillars of our society there.

    You will be pleased to know that I seem to be able to get into your blog without problems now. Or perhaps you will be disturbed to know, but anyway, I can.

  5. I meant stumbled, but tumbled seems oddly appropriate

  6. HI

    If ever I get fed up with you I'll change the parameter back! :)