Saturday, 8 January 2011

Return of the White Fungus

Overnight that lovely-for-a-few-days white fungus returned, delivered softly from the cloud of master fungus.


Thankfully the fungus is particularly sensitive to temperature and so hopefully later today the warmth of our sun will destroy this terrible infestation.


  1. Here in western Germany the stuff is finally thawing - after six weeks! We're forecast to get up to 13°C today before it gets a bit cooler tomorrow.

    At this stage the white fungus has turned into grey heaps on the sides of the streets. I'm looking forward to being able to find somewhere to park the car without having to shovel a space free!

  2. "white fungus... delivered softly from the cloud of Master Fungus"...

    Thanks for the explanation. I always wondered what it was and where it came from. A hefty dose of fungus at my place this morning too, but I think we'll make it out and into town in a while.

    Having explained the white fungus so well, may I ask you what the big shiny ball is that keeps swinging around in the sky? It seems to be just out of reach, even though I tried jumping up on the top of Ben Vorlich I still couldn't quite get to it. Probably just as well though, cos I might have burned my fingers. Oh and the grey fluffy stuff often between me and the shiny ball. What's that?

  3. Our white fungus got washed away with the rain but there was chaos and mayhem on the way into work.

  4. HI

    But you need to jump more than a few inched from the top of even Mt Everest to reach that shiny ball.

    What it is I'm afraid I don't know but I've heard tales that it is the fires of hell, a place both of us will become acquainted with soon enough. No need to keep jumping then!

    The grey fluffy stuff are vaporised bad people going to the fires of hell. On clear days the good people are moving but where I've no idea.

    Neither of us need think about that other place.

  5. Francis

    Have you ever tried a hair drier on the fungus? Goes all liquidy!

  6. CP

    Rain and the white fungus are in cahoots. No wonder there was chaos and mayhem!

  7. Thanks for the benefit of your wisdom Calum. It all makes perfect sense now.

  8. HI

    My pleasure.

    I tried to explain the situation in as simple terms as possible but I was worried that I had left it too complicated still.

    I'm delighted that I got the level right for you.

  9. Are you sure it's not volcanic ash?