Monday, 24 January 2011

Clumsy’s Art: Seaside Rock


Seaside Rock

UPDATE: I should have labelled this a Clumsy creation.


  1. Beautiful! Frame it and hang it on MY wall!

  2. I'm afraid this will be very expensive. Apart from the cost of framing there is my first class return air fare to allow me to hang it on your wall.

    Now if you were prepared to hang it yourself the cost would be minimal! :)

  3. It's a fine view of a rock, although viewed through the eyes of Calumsy I suspect, but it is rather interesting how the Calumsiness reveals complexity. I wonder if that complexity matches reals geology or is just an artefact of the image processing. You may have clumsily stumbled on an analyticaly useful technique there Calum

  4. And of course there would be the expensive of the fine whiskey needed for your arrival...hmm, well, I do love the picture, but can I afford it?!

  5. Go on!

    You frame it, you hang it. You're better off not seeing me in the real - horrendous. Just ask HI!