Thursday, 20 January 2011

Soil Association: Carter-Ruck Letter

Yesterday I posted twice (1 and 2) about the threat to sue the Soil Association “if it doesn’t withdraw its objection to a 25,000 pig factory on the basis that points within their objection are both irrelevant to the plans and are defamatory to MPP.”  [MPP is Midlands Pig Producers who are part of the Leavesley Group.]

In the second post I linked to the Soil Association’s reply –read here - to key points in the Carter-Ruck letter.

Today I found the full Carter-Ruck letter – of 16th September 2010 -  on the Soil Association’s website here.  The letter states that it is not for publication or broadcast but since the letter is already published by the Soil Association I feel safe to reproduce a small part below. There are 8 pages and so you’ll have to be keen to read it but, at least, you know it is available.  

In its original article the Guardian said,

“In a paragraph seen as particularly vicious by the association, Boyd [Calum’s comment: Magnus Boyd of Carter-Ruck] also included a veiled threat that its share in a £16.9m Big Lottery Fund grant for improving school food could be jeopardised.”

This refers to the following passage on page 7 of Carter-Ruck’s letter.

CarterRuck Big Lottery2


The Guardian also quoted Lord Melchett, Policy Director of the Soil Association,

“It had a chilling effect. Your first thought is, these are incredibly rich and powerful people; we have no assets, we will have to back down, not because we think we are wrong but because we don't have the resources. It's taken a lot of time to feel we can risk standing up to them."

I hope that I am never pressured to this degree.

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  1. Sadly, this is how 'justice' is commonly done in the UK now....

    justice is only available to the powerful and/or rich.