Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee – Invitation

Most of you will be familiar with my weekly ‘Sunday Morning Coffee’ music show.  If not you can read either them here or view / listen to the individual  YouTube playlists I’ve created.

My musical tastes are quite wide but I’m sure I have many blind-spots.  I am very aware that I may simply end up exploring within my current boundaries: that would be detrimental to the on-going success of the shows

You can help!

I invite you to suggest artists or genres you’d like to appear. 

Your suggestions will ensure that I look outside myself.

I can make no guarantee that your suggestions will be taken up but I guarantee to follow up on them all.  I will give each every chance to reach me but I retain the one key criterion which runs through all the shows: I must love the music.

I have already a long list of potential artists/genres but don’t let that put you off.  The history of the shows has seen many artists appear as new to me but be featured in a couple of weeks. 

Your help can ensure the shows continue to bring enjoyment and surprise.


  1. well now, where do I start?

    start by giving you this link again-

    have you untangled yourself yet?

    you haven't featured them yet and they deserve a show
    and how about-
    Nickel Creek
    The Punch Brothers
    John Cowan
    Old Crow Medicine show
    Gordon Mote
    Shelby Lynne and her young sister
    the divine Alison Krauss (with or without The Cox Family or Union Station)

    and maybe it's time for some DooWop?

    I could go on endlessly but don't want to bore you heh heh :)

  2. Still in knots.


    I'll make no comments about your choice or anyone else's at the time of commenting - don't want to give away any clues.

    I will acknowledge commenters if/when a suggestion is used.

    BUT all who comment are due very great thanks.

  3. What you offer is already much appreciated. But to answer your invitation, I would love to hear Leonard Cohen songs, either with him (at different times), or others.

    I also would love Classical piano music, specially Sonatas, played by different artists.

    Thank you!

    (Recovering slowly from heart procedures. Still don't visit blogs and comment. Your music posts are a great help. Merci!)

  4. Claude

    Thanks for that.

    You are so kind, Claude. I'll think of you each time I write a music post.