Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee with Sarah McLachlan

Hello again.  I’m glad you’ve dropped by for another show and we have a Canadian songbird for you today.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the songs of Sarah McLachlan.


Remember your coffee, relax in a comfy chair and I’ll start.


We start with a song about loss of friendship for reasons which seemed to be important but were actually trivial.  There were other live performances but I liked the simplicity of Sarah with her voice and piano.


Wikipedia says this of Sarah,

“Sarah ….. is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter.  Known for her emotional ballads and mezzo-soprano vocal range, as of 2006, she has sold over 40 million albums worldwide.”




Whatever happens I will be there for you, however long you take I will be there for you.  I will always love you but I won’t fight.  It’s your decision.

This seems to be the message of this gorgeous song.

Aaaaaaaahhhhh ……………………………………….


1968, the year my beloved Dunfermline Athletic won the Scottish Cup for the second and last time – imagine getting that into a music post!, was Sarah’s birth year.  I don’t know where she was born but she was adopted and brought up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



I Love You

How many have loved but not been able to say so?  Here’s a song about you.



In common with many who have featured in this series, Sarah had music lessons as a child – voice, classical piano

“Her high school yearbook predicted that she was ‘destined to become a famous rock star.and guitar.’ “  [Wikipedia] 



I Will Remember You

The first Sarah McLachlan song I heard – loved it.  Sarah introduces and describes the fabulous song.

This song takes me to a beautiful and peaceful place.  What about you?


She was offered a recording contract when she was 17 on the basis of the first concert of her school group.  Her parents insisted that she continue with her education for a period but in 1987 she moved to Vancouver to pursue a musical career. [Wikipedia]


We reach the halfway point with a song from the film, ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Ordinary Miracle

If only we are open we will see ordinary miracles wherever we look!


You can have a short break now if you wish or carry straight on.  Whichever you wish I’ll be there for you.  Some I know have a coffee top up and stretch their legs.

Ready?  Then let’s go again.



One Dream

Sarah was commissioned to write the Olympic song for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics … and this is it.  I have read that this doesn’t sound like a normal Olympic song – lacking the power and the energy one expects.

I think that Sarah has written a very insightful song and, therefore, more subtle than a ‘crash, bag, wallop, compete, enjoy, and meet the world’ song.

See what you think?



For a few songs I’ll just let you listen to Sarah’s music without my putting in snippets of her biography.





Seventh up is a song about the ending of a relationship; needing as Sarah said in an interview, ‘drawing a line in the sand, this is not good for me’.




World on Fire




Do What You Have to Do

One YouTube visitor said, ‘Quite simply one of the most hauntingly beautiful sad songs ever!’  There may be exaggeration here but certainly this is hauntingly beautiful and sad.

Yes!  So sad!  So beautiful!




Sarah sings this as the encore at the concert and it’s easy to see why: this is a most gorgeous song.

This is sublime.


Unfortunately that’s another show ended.  Sarah writes beautiful lyrics and melodies and tops that with a perfect voice.  She can do no wrong!


I feel that 2011 is really on its way as our third show of the year finishes.  I hope you enjoyed today and, if you manage to pop over next week, I’ll be delighted to share my love of music with you.


  1. wonderful

    you set yourself a hard task to keep up the standard for the rest of the year
    fortunately, as the current re-runs of Transatlantic Sessions show, there are more than enough 'unknown' top quality singers and musicians waiting to fill up your and our sundays.

    well done Calum

  2. JD

    Thanks for the lovely words. I'll do my best to keep this going. I've looked at my list for the next 10 weeks: I think you'll enjoy the music itself and its breadth.

    I'm listening to Trans Sess. 3 Ep. 2 as I type this.

    I keep missing these progs. hardly see any TV.

  3. I like Sarah, although I like her older stuff better than her newer stuff. I remember the first time I heard "Into The Fire" back around 1992! She is a talented woman.

  4. Knatolee

    There's a harder feel to the song you mention. I'll be going back to find more of her older work.