Saturday, 8 January 2011

Trafigura: My First Birthday

This day last year I first posted about Trafigura and many times they have featured since, much less often recently though. 

The world has moved on since the story broke into the big-time in 2009 but still questions lie unanswered.  Unfortunately I can see little cause for optimism that more of the truth will emerge.  The two possible routes for progress are through the Dutch courts where Greenpeace is still active and, less likely, in the Ivory Coast. 

I heard that Alassane Ouattara, who claims to have won the recent presidential election in the Ivory Coast, promised, during the campaign, to reopen the toxic waste case.  Given the current impasse over who is the legitimate President we shouldn’t expect any movement on the waste issue for some time and then only if Outtara gains the presidency.

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