Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Trafigura: ‘The Stinking Ship’ Once More

In September and then November last year I mentioned a documentary about the Probo Koala its waste and the alleged effects on health.

The film-maker, Bagassi Koura, has very kindly sent me a copy of the entire film.  Unfortunately for you, I told Bagassi that I would not make a copies available elsewhere: the film is his to promote as he sees fit.  I have urged him to make it available publically as soon as possible.  I will update if/when I have more information.

The film is a very welcome addition to the information already available.

Bagassi, thanks and well done.


If you haven’t seen the trailers  I attach one again.

THE STINKING SHIP  (Trailer)                    BAGASSI KOURA



Once again I need to say that the opinions expressed in the trailer and film are entirely those of the film-maker and contributors.


  1. I hope that the film is made more publicly vailable. I would love to see it

  2. I hope Bagassi Koura has a lot of money so when Trafigura sues him for defamation he can pay their bill. To pretend that they took a cargo of Coker Naeptha to Amsterdam is incorrect, stupid and mislading. It was processed (washed) and the slops taken to Amsterdam. I haven't sen the whole film but the trailer you posted is a ludicrous misstatement of the facts.

  3. ocnus

    I'm sure Trafigura are aware of the documentary and would have taken action by now if they were going to.

    You keep knocking one viewpoint. Why don't you summarise what you believe happened? I'll be happy to post this unedited.