Saturday, 13 August 2011

Very, Very Occasionally …. Music


Two wonderful tracks from the “Under One Sky” project in which John McCusker collaborated with twelve outstanding musicians.

Lavender Hill                                                                                 Roddy Woomble (vocals)


Hush a Bye                                                                                               John Tams (vocal)


  1. and why only occasionally?
    you haven't lost your touch and still pick the right music at the right time

  2. .... because I can listen to music without HAVING to find vids to post. The regularity brings pressure to find and I need my time for me and my family.

    Since my regular posting ended I have found so much music! My second YouTube playlist - the address of the 1st was sent you - is now at almost 100 videos.

    I can devote my listening time to me. Brilliant!