Saturday, 3 September 2011

Very, Very Occasionally …. White


What a good stumble!  I came across my all-time favourite song (first video) …. and another which runs it close (second).

Showing my age here!

Whiter Shade of Pale                                                                                Procul Harum


Nights in White Satin                                                                                Moody Blues


  1. ... and I told you they would do it. Up the Pars!

  2. Such memories from both. Quite sad actually. I need something to cheer me up now, and a touch of 21st Century Gangsta Rap just aint going to do it. What's the world coming to Calum? (Oh, that's me showing my age too). Nice to hear that you are still keeping up the standards in this deteriorating world.

  3. So, so meaningful...for me!

    Merci de tout coeur, Calum.

  4. showing my age too, Calum

    Remember the intro to "The Likely Lads"? The song goes "....the only thing to look forward to is the past"

    I like being old :)