Saturday, 19 November 2011

Very, Very Occasionally - Sheer Beauty


Definitely more frequent than the title suggests, this post is suffused with the sheer beauty of the most wonderful music!


A Marcello      Concerto for oboe and strings - Mvt  2 Adagio in D minor

When I close my eyes and let the music enter my soul I feel God is there – as though I were praying.

Schubert                                               Serenade from Swan Song D957

[Originally for tenor and piano, arranged for cello and piano in D minor.  Anne Gastinel, cello; Claire Désert, piano]

I am stunned!


  1. splendid and very relaxing
    muchas gracias Calum :)

  2. JD Absolutely splendid!

    Claude I know exactly what you mean!

  3. I love these two pieces of music. This is the type of music that has always moved me.

    Thank you :-)

  4. CP Ta! They're abs magical, aren't they?