Friday, 18 November 2011

If YouTube Took over Your Home!


Once I loved YouTube …. but no more!

I found so much music I loved!  I saved the music to playlists to keep the videos organised and to let others listen to my selections!

I loved you …. but no more!

You changed - lots of small changes – until now you are unrecognisable.

My love for you has died …. but I still want you back!


Recently, YouTube has made many, many changes in the ways in which users manage their playlists and all of them, or least the vast majority, have reduced functionality.  I’m now at the point where YouTube doesn’t allow me to add any video to certain playlists. 

Rather than go through the actual process let me try to explain in terms of your house.


Imagine all your power switches.

You come home one day and find that the switches are in the correct rooms but they’ve been moved to the ceiling.  You can still use them if you get a pole and stretch to the ceiling to switch the power on.  You’d wonder what had happened.  What was the point of changing what already worked?


But there’s more!

Once you’ve adjusted – but still unhappy - to the previous change you find that all the power sockets have been moved into one room.  They’re in a logical order but to switch the lights on in the toilet (say) you have to go into the spare bedroom (say) where all the switches are now.  You can do it but what was once easy is now much, much more difficult.


You accommodate this …. with difficulty.

But still YouTube is not finished.


Soon you find that the sockets are still in the spare bedroom but they’re no longer in a logical order.  They’ve been randomised.

Imagine being desperate to go to the toilet but you have no idea which switch is the one you need!


By this stage you wonder what madman has taken over YouTube to totally screw the simple organisation of power sockets.

But the madman hasn’t finished yet.  It’s incredible but he has more torture.


The next time you need to switch a socket on and go into the spare bedroom you find that the sockets are still in random order but lots of them are missing.  You still have a bathroom light but no means to switch it on. 

This is what YouTube has done to me and all who use playlists!  One of my most recent YouTube playlists is still there, I can play videos from it, but I cannot add any more videos: there is no switch.


But still they haven’t finished.


Occasionally, just very occasionally the toilet switch will appear.  I won’t know that it has unless I check all the randomised switches.  This morning I could pee with the light on but when my son went two minutes later the switch had disappeared.


Can you understand why my love for YouTube has gone?

All I want is my YouTube back. 

She doesn’t have to be as she was before.

Just stop messing with my head.


YouTube, I want to love you but you have driven me away, almost driven me mad with sheer frustration.

What have I done to deserve your hateful actions?


I want to love you again but ….

I can’t unless you come back to me!


Please, YouTube come back to me!

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