Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Trafigura: Greenpeace Responds to Criticism


Almost 3 weeks ago I published a post which detailed criticism of Greenpeace and the news media with whom they cooperated.  Although I didn’t agree with the criticisms, in the interests of balance, I posted.

Today I put online an English translation of Greenpeace’s response which is a slightly modified version of their own Dutch release from 18 November.  An English version has been available through Google Translate but was difficult to read.  Please take the time to read this article: many issues are addressed although I must add the caveat that the views expressed are those of Greenpeace.

There will be some who say that my publication of this translation confirms I am in the pocket of Greenpeace.  No!   If you are in doubt please read, for example, my initial post of 3 weeks ago in which I gave a platform to criticism of Greenpeace.  I have my views but I try to write in a balanced way although that can be difficult when questions are not answered, where a truth gap exists.


Greenpeace give their views on the:

-  work of Karel Knip and Jaffe Vink both of whom have written in support of Trafigura and criticising Greenpeace and others.

-  toxicity debate surrounding the Probo Koala’s waste

-  question of whether hydrogen sulphide could have been released in Abidjan

-  question of the number of fatalities – if any – in Abidjan

-  conspiracy theories of Knip and Vink: Greenpeace and media

-  use Trafigura make of the law

Please read the article – online here.  I would do a disservice if I picked more than this last paragraph:

Trafigura is lucky to have opinion leaders like Vink and Knip. Constantly banging on about things that are impossible to establish now - such as the precise details of the impact of the waste on people and the environment - is a distraction from the basic issue at stake: the fact that Trafigura should never have dumped the waste in Ivory Coast in the way it did.


I need to clarify the last 18 words

‘the fact that Trafigura should never have dumped the waste in Ivory Coast in the way it did.

We all know that Trafigura itself did not dump the waste in and around Abidjan: that was done by Company Tommy.  I believe the article is saying that Trafigura should never have taken its waste to Ivory Coast.  Please read these last 18 words in the way I have described.

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