Monday, 12 December 2011

Trafigura: Not the Whole Truth 13 – Toxic Challenge


A series of posts in which I highlight areas where Trafigura, or those whose writing is supportive of them, does not tell the whole truth. There will be truth, possibly a lot of truth, in the statements I look at but all is not as it seems. I don’t allege that the ‘Not the Whole Truth’s are deliberate.


I offer a Toxic Challenge to Claude Dauphin, Eric de Turckheim or any Trafigura executives who wish to support their company!

The facts are that the material was water, gasoline and soda and were not dangerous for human beings.’  [Eric de Turckheim BBC Newsnight 16 August 2007 @2m 02s See video here. Video now available on YouTube @2m 09s]

Toxicity is a matter of concentration and location. Lots of everyday things could be defined as toxic, such as after-shave. Even milk is considered toxic if released into an inappropriate environment.[Page 23 -  Trafigura and the Probo Koala]


Not the Whole Truth!


Let’s put these two Trafigura statements to the test.  I’m sure Trafigura could make this happen: they have pots of money whereas I am just a poor man.

Find two swimming pools

Fill one up with full fat milk

Fill the other with waste similar to the Probo Koala’s Abidjan waste: spent caustic plus some gasoline.

I’ll jump in, swim and stay in the milk-filled pool for one hour.

One or all of you can jump in, swim and stay in the spent caustic pool for one hour.


I’ll be fine.  I might even drink some of the milk.


How will you be?  

Will you drink any of your liquid which is ‘not dangerous for human beings’?


[Remember we need to make sure that none of the waste from the pools – yes, including the milk -  is dumped without appropriate treatment.]

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