Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Trafigura: Not the Whole Truth 9 – Amsterdam Truth Gap


A series of posts in which I highlight areas where Trafigura, or those whose writing is supportive of them, does not tell the whole truth. There will be truth, possibly a lot of truth, in the statements I look at but all is not as it seems. I don’t allege that the ‘Not the Whole Truth’s are deliberate.

In my 8th post in this series I said that “My next post will give more details of what NFI’s modelling predicts for the effects of odour release from APS.”  Apologies!  I felt that the point was made in No. 8 and that any more was overly labouring the issue.

Here I summarise what we know Trafigura knew about the caustic washing of coker naphtha before Trafigura committed the Probo Koala to sail to Amsterdam.  Alongside this I put their actions in Amsterdam (before, during and after the visit).  I contend that the two are irreconcilable and can only become reconcilable when more information, more truth comes into the public domain. 

This extra truth, which we don’t have yet, I call the ‘truth gap’.  It’s what we need to understand Trafigura’s actions.  Without the new truth we can speculate but speculation leaves us open to Carter-Ruck getting in touch. 


Far better to highlight and keep highlighting the truth gap.

Far better to highlight and keep highlighting those areas which don’t stack up.

Far better to ask and keep asking Trafigura to answer questions.

Far better to highlight and keep highlighting those questions Trafigura does not answer (if there are any).


Enough of this.  It’s time to identify the truth gap in Amsterdam.




What goes into the Truth Gap?

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