Monday, 5 December 2011

Trafigura: Not the Whole Truth - Post Delayed



I had hoped to have another post up yesterday (Sunday 4 Dec) but, because of the potential sensitivity to the claim I make, I am checking and rechecking my facts.

I do NOT intend to leave myself open to Carter-Ruck!


  1. Please look into what TRafigura and their co Partner Alexela did in Norway they manage to give the former manager and owner convicted that they knew what they received and Trafigura gave them full info about the liquids afterwards they took over the firm free of charge + 75 mill NOK - TRafigura and their people lawyers as well as Naem Ahmed, Claude Dauphin, Darren Jenkins, Graham Sharp + all other people were the same people who gave info in Amsterdam and Cote D`Ivory - Best regards

  2. Thanks, Anon!

    Yes, I wrote several times last year,I think it was, about the Vesttank incident. The coverage of NRK was excellent.

    I might look again at the Norwegian side.

    This is no doubt a story which requires more coverage now.

    NRK seem not to have reported on this story for some time. Any idea why?

    Also if you have any useful information you can get me at calumsblogatgmaildotcom.