Sunday, 15 January 2012

Music in the Morning No. 225 – Dougie MacLean


There have been many, many versions of this song but Dougie does his composition justice in this video.  I would love this song even if it weren’t about my country because it speaks of our homeland wherever that may be.

Sit down, sit back, relax and be transported!


Dougie Maclean                                                                                Caledonia


                   Sorry about the delay: I’ve just returned from being transported.


  1. Yes, James.

    A class act.

    I should add that this song was chosen and the post written before last week's explosion of'independence or not'.

  2. ah that is just beautiful

    as you say, a clas act

  3. Mighty fine.

    It may inspire me to compose an alternative version that James could since along with too: "Let me tell the Euro that I love you, and that I think about you all the time, The European Union is everything I've ever had..."

  4. This will kill him.

    PS Better use spell check "could since along with"!