Saturday, 21 January 2012

Music in the Morning No. 231 – Hiromi

Hiromi?  Who?

I hadn’t heard her music nor even heard of her until I stumbled across this video.  I stumble across, fall into, so much fabulous music this way.  I was gobsmacked, grabbed, by her brilliance and sheer exuberance. 

Never!  Absolutely never, have I heard music remotely like this and I mean this in an immensely positive way.

Pachelbel can never have been played like this!

Pachelbel with guts!

After this build-up I would be disappointed if you didn’t love this too but I must be realistic: some will love and some won’t.

Sit back for 8m 30s of ……

Pachelbel: Canon in D                                                                        Hiromi

I did tell you!   Hiromi is brilliant. 

Need to listen to this again?  I can’t get enough of Hiromi!


  1. Wonderful. Thanks very much Calum.

  2. Wow!

    She is amazing!

    Somehow I didn't know you listened to the music posts.

  3. Occasionally. I am actually a complete piano fanatic, all classical stuff and some jazz. I have not listened much recently though. I go through phases (don't we all?).

  4. I actually do play it but I can't play it. Mum was a good player and I could spend hours entertaining myself with wild and mad creations, but I can't play anything by anyone else, and so, I guess the short answer, the version of answer I always tend to avoid, is "no".

  5. Love it, love it, love it...

    I actually play the Canon, but never like this. Maybe I should try????

  6. I hope you don't mind, Calum. I shared this with my Facebook friends. Thank you for the fantastic post!

  7. Andrew

    Never a 'short' when there is a 'long' :)

  8. Claude

    She is abs brilliant. Of course, there's no problem with sharing. Blogposts, in general, are for sharing but music like this: tell the rest of the world who haven't found it yet.

  9. In return, I offer:

    Forgot how to embed in comments but a copy and paste should work

  10. A great offering, Andrew. Hadn't heard (of) him.

    Will look into his music.

  11. @Andrew - As Calum says. Very interesting. Thank you!