Sunday, 22 January 2012

Music in the Morning No. 232 – CalumCarr and John Barry


I’ve made it onto the greatest musical show on earth!

Yes!  That’s here, if you didn’t already know!

You don’t get to hear my voice or my music but you get John Barry’s music with my words subtitled.   There is no way I could inflict my voice on me, far less on your delicate ears.

The music, ‘John Dunbar Theme’ from the film ‘Dances with Wolves’, featured 5 weeks ago or so but, as I listened to the music, words appeared in front of me as though they were being given to me.  I wrote them down and made the video.

I hope you enjoy.

CalumCarr and John Barry     Teach Me, Lord Jesus (John Dunbar Theme)


Did you manage to sing along as the words appeared?  Bet you did a better job than would I.

I know it’s not the easiest music to sing but, as I alluded to earlier, I had no option.  I didn’t choose to write words to the music: they appeared.


  1. excellent Calum!
    I love it :)

    at a slightly faster tempo it would make a great singalong in any Church

  2. Delighted you like.

    But at a faster pace it would be over before it started!

  3. It's a great hymn. It says everything about Jesus in a few words. It gives me courage, hope and strength.

    My voice is not very good anymore but I can easily play the music. When my Christian son visits, we'll sing it together.

    I'll also put your video on Facebook, Calum. And give you credit, of course. Merci de tout coeur!

  4. Claude

    Thank you so much! What lovely words! My heart skipped and jumped.

  5. The Creator gifted you with some wonderful words to share with the world to go along with the wonderful music you again give us all.

    One gift deserves another.

    Anonymous Joe

  6. Thanks, Joe.

    I assume you are the Joe who we saw here in 2010. If I am correct, welcome back; if not, welcome.

    Once more I am deeply touched by words left here.

  7. That's beautiful, calum!

    It's not the easiest to sing along with but if you go with the music it works well.

    I'm so pleased for you.

  8. I'm the same Anonymous Joe as the one before,Calum. Glad to see you back on board here again.

  9. Thanks, Liz. I know what you mean about singing. Each syllable seems as tho' it's been dragged to eternity and back. I had no choice in the matter: the words came to the music rather than the other way round.

  10. I shared the video with my son, on Facebook. He said, " Very powerful, Thank you!"

  11. From comments it seems as tho' I have a hit on my hands. Now if only the YouTube viewings went up.

    Fortunately God isn't interested in viewing numbers!

  12. I don't sing it. I pray it with the music. Morning and night. It helps! I'm sending it to my sisters in Montreal. They all speak English. They'll be interested when I tell them it's from a friend in Scotland.

  13. It's all for God, Calum. We know that, and we feel it.

  14. Claude

    The words have helped me. I play it 3 or 4 times one after the other day after day.

    That it helps me was enough but ...... !

    Re praying instead of singing: That's what I tend to do.

    I would love to hear it sung in church ... but that's my ego. I'll have to "console" myself with knowing that God has heard it!

  15. Claude

    You must let me know what your sisters think of this ...... but only if they love it! :)