Monday, 30 January 2012

Music in the Morning No. 240 – Mountnmonkeys


For the third time I feature this group – see here and here.

When I featured them in my Sunday Morning Coffee show I wrote this,

“We move away from the stars, the incredibly talented, the TV programme and return to where music lives, music belongs: with ordinary people, playing together, passing on tunes and skills, enjoying their music in their own homes.

Real music.  That’s what I celebrate today and I celebrate all those who play and jam at home, with friends, but I do so in the company of The MountnMonkeys.

Never heard of The MountnMonkeys?  Don’t worry, neither have they.  As far as I am aware they don’t have a name: they just enjoy a jam.

Why then “The MountnMonkeys”?  Because one of the players posts their videos under the  name of  “MountnMonkey” and, so, I christened them.  They all live in and around Huntington in West Virginia.”

I hope you enjoy their music.


Mountnmonkeys                                                        Cold, Frosty Morning


There must be so much talent hidden away like the Mountnmonkeys.