Saturday, 4 February 2012

Music in the Morning No. 245 – Carlos Kleiber


Another new name to me this morning.  Wikipedia has this to say about Carlos Kleiber.

“Kleiber's performances were meticulously rehearsed but often considered to be spontaneous and inspired. In the opinion of many of his colleagues and audiences, Kleiber was an eccentric genius who was amongst the greatest conductors of all time, .…”

Here we hear – see what I did there? – Kleiber with the Bavarian State Orchestra in 1986 with ‘Unter Donner und Blitz’ by Johann Straus II.

This is a brilliant rendition. I’m sure you will enjoy.


Carlos Kleiber                                      J Strauss II  Unter Donner und Blitz


I was right!  You did enjoy!

See you tomorrow.


  1. A thought for your consideration re how Karl became Carlos, and why, and what it meant to his art and our admiration of it.

    "Uniquely, Carlos Kleiber combined the rigors of German analysis, form, and discipline with the expressive vitality of Latin dance, pulse, and joy.

    "For nearly twenty years at the formative outset, a conductor baptized Karl gradually became Carlos. He never turned his back on that fascinating cultural biochemistry. It would shape everything he did."

    -- Corresponding With Carlos, p35