Sunday, 26 February 2012

Music in the Morning No. 267 – Praise the Lord


Today’s praise is the 23rd Psalm sung to the wonderful tune, Crimond.

Sung at my father’s funeral, hopefully it will be sung at mine too but, God willing, that will be many years away.


23rd Psalm: The Lord’s My Shepherd                                             Crimond


This wonderful version is from Beverley Minster for the BBC series, Songs of Praise.


And in God’s house for evermore, my dwelling-place shall be.”


Thanks be to God.



  1. Yes, Claude!

    I was truly inspired by this. I know it so well; have sung it so often but this week I've been touched in an altogether greater way!

    The Lord at work!

  2. If we keep going like this we'll need to change our names to the Revs Calum and Claude!

  3. Sadly, not yet Holy...Only when we come face to face with God, through His grace and forgiveness.