Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Music in the Morning No. 269 – Trombone Shorty


We have very different music this morning.  Troy Andrews (aka Trombone Shorty), a mere 26 years old, is a phenomenal trombone and trumpet player.


Will you enjoy his music?   Probably not, if I know the musical tastes of my regulars but …….. listen on.


Trombone Shorty                                                      Backatown  &  Suburbia

Troy Andrews - trombone, trumpet, vocals; Tim McFatter - tenor sax
Pete Murano – guitar; Mike Ballard – bass; Joey Peebles – drums
International  Jazz Week 2011  Burghausen, Germany, 2011

Well ?


  1. Yes!

    Thanks for being here and listening. I think you're my audience of one ....but, as long as I'm enjoying listening and putting this music out there a zero audience would be OK ... this time.

  2. Great stuff here, Calum. I was very intrigued by it. I'm listening here every day--just so you know.

    Anonymous Joe

  3. AJ Apologies. My brain is mush!