Friday, 24 February 2012

Scottish Independence: The Moore the Messier!


Michael Moore dabbles in areas which are not his responsibility!

Many – Unionists! – will disagree but read and view on and you’ll see that Moore actually agrees with me!


A few days ago Moore, the Secretary of State for Scotland within the UK Parliament, attempted to put pressure on the Scottish Government to bring forward the date of the referendum on independence.  The Scottish Government in its consultation document identify Autumn 2014 but the UK government wants an earlier referendum. 

Moore suggests here that the referendum could take place in September 2013 without compromising in any way the necessary process.  The Scottish Government disagrees.


But why is Moore getting involved in areas that have nothing to do with him?


Watch this, a BBC interview with Moore on 9 May 2011.


In case you missed, this is what he said,

"But the decision on when and if to have a referendum is clearly a matter for the new Scottish Parliament"  [Michael Moore, 9 May 2011]


Michael, heed your own advice ….. and butt out!

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