Saturday, 3 March 2012

Music in the Morning No. 273 – Natalie MacMaster and Bela Fleck


Natalie is a brilliant Canadian fiddler.  This morning we hear her with banjo genius Bela Fleck for a traditional medley.


Natalie McMaster & Bela Fleck                                          Traditional Medley


The Lass of Corrie's Mill;  Lennox's Love to Blantyre;
Pottinger's Reel;  Reichswall Forest;  Mr. Bernard


Just over 3 minutes of fiddling magic!



  1. keep 'em coming young Calum :)

    I'm currently enjoying TS5 on the Beeb on friday evenings......should be on all day and every day :)

    we need more proper music on the telly

  2. JD Didn't know TS was on telly!

    There's more TS5 in this pipeline!

    Claude Yes!