Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Music in the Morning No. 284 – Nollaig Casey


Nollaig plays two tunes with the fabulous musicians of the Transatlantic Sessions House Band but also with the precociously gifted Sarah Jarosz.

I found this comment at another Transatlantic Sessions video.

“The Transatlantic Sessions are as necessary to music as breathing is to life. They remind one of the pure power of music to heal, soothe or simply reaffirm the beauty in life. These sessions have allowed me access to musicians I would not otherwise have known and, quite? simply, made me fall in love with music all over. Thanks for posting.” [Utoober67]

My feelings exactly!

You have just under 3 minutes of  ……

Nollaig Casey                                                             Lios Na Banriona / The Cross Reel

[Sarah Jarosz - octave mandolin;   Aly Bain – fiddle;   Russ Barenberg – guitar;   Michael McGoldrick – flute;   Danny Thompson – double bass;   Donald Shaw – piano]

…. wonder!

I do make my first ever criticism of TS!   I love each tune in its own right but, for me, as a pairing they are ill-matched: ‘Lios Na Banriona’ displays a beauty which sweeps my heart to places wonderful but then I am tugged abruptly from this peace and forced to jump about and dance frenetically.


I finish by doing something I have never done before: I plug tomorrow’s music with two short quotes from the post. 


Occasionally, only very occasionally, art turns one upside down, inside out, backsides forward, every which way.”

I will love this until the day I die ….


Can you possibly miss this?

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  1. gracias Calum
    pure joy distilled into music
    art is sustenance for the soul,without art we are merely animals