Monday, 19 March 2012

Thanks …….


………. to those few regular viewers and listeners who remain: you know who you are.

I have loved sharing ‘my’ music with you but the appeal is too small and the effort too great.  For the foreseeable future, whatever that is, my listening and viewing will be in private.

I leave you this last time with a video, from a very recent post, which says everything in its perfection.  Only a few days ago I wrote this,

Occasionally, only very occasionally, art turns one upside down, inside out, backsides forward, every which way.

For me this is one such occasion.  Everything about this is perfect, flawless.

The words, the music, the voices, the video: each adds to the atmosphere, the performance, the occasion.

Soon you’ll get your chance to see and hear how you are affected.

I had never heard of ‘The Civil Wars’, a very new group – formed in 2008 – of two singer-songwriters, Joy Williams and John Paul White, but now Grammy winners.  Later in the day I found them and wrote this post I saw them looking at me from the pages of the online Guardian here.

Enough of me.

Now you can experience

The Civil Wars                                                                     Poison and Wine


I hope you found this worthy of the hype.  If not then I’ll console myself with  the knowledge that we are all different and I will love this until the day I die …… which I trust is many years away.

[UPDATE @ 15 March 2012 23.15: I am consoling myself with the knowledge that we are all different and I will love this until the day I die …… which I trust is many years away.]”


Thanks once more and goodbye.  This is not a sad goodbye, however: I leave with my faith at a different level and I look forward to walking the rest of my life in God’s light.  Through all times I will look to Jesus and know I am not alone.

May you too experience Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


  1. As I said before, very beautiful :-)

    I wish you peace and happiness.

  2. Thank you so much for all your beautiful music posts. God bless you, and yours'. :)

  3. the harmony between those two voices is wonderful and as good as anything I have ever heard
    gracias Calum - we may be few but we are all on the right path :)

  4. I hope you will pop back occasionally and let us know how you're getting on though, Calum.

  5. I sleep only.
    Many times have I slept
    Each time awakened by a call
    Until sleep let my eyelids close

    I sleep only
    Until my eyes rise once more

  6. I look forward to the time you awake again :-)

  7. Perseverance, Calum, never say die.

  8. I don't do dying, James. Well, not until the Lord calls me!

  9. Well I'm still waiting for that bomb to go off. I hope you are ticking along OK.