Monday, 22 October 2012

Trafigura: The Toxic Truth


Six years have passed and the world has moved on but the truth is still incomplete.

Probo Koala?


Ivory Coast?

Dumping of toxic waste?

Guilty verdicts?

I wrote endlessly – or so it seemed – trying to get truth from Trafigura and trying to highlight gaps in our known truth.  [my last posts – Dec 2011 – are here]


Now, at last, the closest we are ever likely to get to the truth is here.  A month ago Greenpeace and Amnesty International published a  brilliant 231 page report, “The Toxic Truth”.  [UPDATE:  This link was faulty – down to me – but is now working]

Devastating detail leaves Trafigura exposed but still they cling to their long-held position.  Unfortunately, Trafigura did not take advantage of the opportunity to comment on specific issues.  Their full response to the report is here but, in that, they state,

“In our view, the report does not set out a fair or balanced account of the Probo Koala incident, but is rather a report that has been designed to support the stated position of Greenpeace.”


The truth is toxic!

But Trafigura go from strength to strength!

Toxic but not toxic enough!